Good & Evil in Politics


Dear Sister, 

I’m confused by politics, how do you tell who is good and who is evil?” –

I don’t usually talk about politics, because politics have no place in the church. But the simple answer is that evil people are those who place a burden on others; good people do their best to take the burden away.

Whether we are good or evil is determined by our actions, not our political affiliation.
A simple rule to follow: Love others as you love yourself.

Those who look after the poor, the sick, the hungry or less fortunate, essentially relieving a burden, are doing good.

Those who steal, cheat, and take advantage others, are doing evil.
Sometimes people fool others into thinking they are good, when their objectives are truly self-serving and ultimately evil.

That is why, children, it’s important to pay attention to a person’s actions. Actions are more telling than words.