~ NUNS on the Bus ~

Sister Mary Grace was excited to attend the sendoff of sisters with the Nuns On the Bus Tax Justice Truth Tour, which is making its way from California to Mar-a-Lago in Florida to draw attention to tax policies that are hurting the poor.
The journey kicked off in Santa Monica, Calif., today, with California Rep. Nancy Pelosi in attendance.  #NunsOnTheBus
Two stops are planned in Michigan, a Town Hall for Justice at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School in East Lansing on Oct. 19, and a site visit and rally at Cass Community Social Services in Detroit on Oct. 20. 
For the complete schedule and news from the road, go to www.nunsonthebus.org.
backofbus CROP

"Keep the faith Sisters, and have a blessed journey."
Sister Mary Grace

Introducing...  SMG's 'Podclass'

When the president said the caravan should go to Hell, Sister Mary Grace was over the moon!

SMG and Lala Pettibone

Sister Mary Grace interviews Heidi Mastrogiovanni, the delightful author of the "Lala Pettibone" books, "Lala Pettibone's Act Two," and "Lala Pettibone: Standing Room Only."

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SMG & giggling gaygull

Sister Mary Grace welcomes a special guest to the podclass from Hell, the founder of giggle.com or is it gaygull.com? Sister just isn't sure. 

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Make It Hell

Sister Mary Grace reminds the students from Hell that we can make life Hell wherever we are.

Life In Hell

Sister Mary Grace explains why life in Hell is a blessing, in this week's Podclass from Hell, MI.


Find inspiration for your visit by watching Sister Mary Grace's tour from Hell!

Whether you are an adventurer or an outdoors enthusiast, a thrill-seeker or making memories with friends, plan a vacation with expectations of Pure Hell!

  • What if people arrived in paradise only to come face to face with people they’ve spent their lives trying to avoid? Oh golly, wouldn’t that make a nifty reality TV show? To see people from all countries, with different languages and degrees of wealth, a rainbow of ethnicities, together for

  • We do love the movies here at the convent in Hell. Hope down at the library sends us wonderful video cassettes each month, and recently we watched “A Star Is Born,” a 1937 movie set in Hollywood (the students tell me there’s a new “Star Is Born” in the cinema


  • I’m not sure why I keep getting this question, but here it is again: Dear Sister Mary Grace,  Why in Hell? –  Boys and girls, Hell is a calling. I don’t know any place luckier than Hell. We have a close-knit community, surrounded by glorious Livingston County farmland and woodlands,

  •   Dear Sister,  I’m confused by politics, how do you tell who is good and who is evil?” – I don’t usually talk about politics, because politics have no place in the church. But the simple answer is that evil people are those who place a burden on others; good